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WELCOME  is a personal and parish spiritual renewal process that energizes the spiritual lives of individuals and parishes in remarkable ways.


WELCOME is a spiritual renewal experience designed to help individuals grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with others in their faith community. It is an excellent opportunity for Catholics to renew their faith and gain an appreciation for the blessings and opportunities that exist within our Traverse City five parish community.


Just as all of our other commitments need renewal, so does our commitment to Christ if we are to be faithful followers. 


After individuals participate in a Renewal Experience they are encouraged to continue their faith journey by becoming more engaged in other parish organizations and ministries. 

Participants also have the opportunity to join a future team to help host a Renewal Experience, and in the process experience unparalleled personal faith formation.


Since 1969, WELCOME (formerly called CRHP) has impacted over 1,400 parishes throughout the United States. Today, WELCOME is the primary program for both personal and parish spiritual renewal in over 100 Catholic dioceses and 40 states across America.


In 2017, the Dynamic Catholic  Institute, a non-profit dedicated to re-energizing the Catholic Church, absorbed WELCOME. At the time, they indicate, "Christ Renews His Parish works! In fact, it might be the most effective way to trigger engagement among Catholics today."


The uniqueness of WELCOME is in its continuation. After completing a Renewal Experience, participants are encouraged to continue their faith journey by becoming more engaged in their parish ministries. WELCOME is designed to support the other parish organizations and ministries and sends renewed people into these groups.


Participants also have the opportunity to join the next team to help host a Renewal Experience. This team not only prepares for the next event, but is truly a time of deepening faith and fellowship.

Participants are often so inspired, so renewed, so uplifted, that they're anxious to share their faith experience with others from their parish, though not everyone who joins team gives a witness talk. By joining team, they begin planning the next Renewal Experience. During this formation time, even greater spiritual growth occurs. 

While many people who experience the process experience it at different levels of intensity, most would say it is an authentic encounter with God.  Attendees have described it as life changing, experiencing God in a more intimate, personal manner. From those with little faith, to those who have been ordained for many years, all leave with a new and renewed experience with the Holy Spirit.  

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